Camille Garmirian LMT 

Camille is well versed in Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques,sports massage and pregnancy massage. She has focused her advanced studies in myofascial release work (targeting the body’s connective tissue), and the orthopedic massage approach to the loco motor system.“I strive to partner with my clients to increase body awareness,encourage healthy shifts in structural patterns, and together, maximize the body’s wellness.” A combination of appropriate methods is used to design a session to meet an individual’s needs. Techniques may range from the deep to the subtle and gentle, in order to decrease pain,improve injury recovery, and promote relaxation. The benefits of massage are far-reaching. Whether your goal is to relax over-used muscles, increase joint flexibility, relieve headache pain, or decrease stress, massage can do you a world of good.

Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist Camille Garmirian brings compassion and experience to her therapeutic sessions. She holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and is a 2002 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. She is both a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association and certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

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